Meet The Cast

Teresa Shunk

Teresa Shunk (Rosalind), is 15 years old, and has played in six other plays prior to As You Like It, playing parts such as a screaming banshee, a timid lovestruck bird, and a tender mother. She’d like to thank everyone involved in bringing this together, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Benedict Clark

Regina Hibl

Ian Schwartz

Thomas Bodoh

Olivia Coble

Elizabeth Smith

John Briggs

John Briggs is an avid musician, age 17, who loves Shakespeare. He has previously acted in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream when he was 5 as a fairy named Peasblossom, as well as in various short productions of the Foolsmen.

Agnese Janaro

Agnese Janaro is an 18 year old with a love for singing, art, and Shakespeare. She does not have much acting experience, but she loves to read and watch the plays.  She has also performed speeches from Julius Caesar and Henry V, as well as playing Ariel in a small Tempest production.

Anastasia Puray

17 and a novice in the thespian craft, As You Like It is her first of hopefully many more Shakespearean productions. This is her second official play to act in and she sends her best regards to you for coming to the performance!

Stuart Nolan

Stuart Nolan is a 17-year-old who loves acting . He’s been in a number of plays with Chelsea Academy and St. John’s Drama Club, and has performed in a few minor Shakespeare productions, notably as Caliban in an abridged version of the Tempest and as Prince Hal in an excerpt from Henry IV, part 1.

Augustine Siegel

Shakespeare understood the value of language  rather than over done drama which ignored the beauty and simplicity of words. From an early age I have been instilled with a love of Shakespeare and his works. My experience includes back to back competition in the regional English Speaking Union’s National Shakespeare contest as the representative of Chelsea Academy.  In the last two years, I also have attended over ten performances at Blackfriars in Stauton.